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March 15, 2019


God SpeaksWhen you find the river of My love,
when you drink from its waters, fresh and clean,
when you hear the song,  and the joy,  it doth bring,
do not remain  on the bank,  do not cling to  the bank,
watching, observing, knowing it is there, and seeing it.
Wade into the waters, and be immersed in My love, be
part of the song, and the current will carry you along,
and you will see, what is on all the banks, and you
will do so from the river of My love!  And the
Holy Spirit says: There are many who
seek a fountain of youth,
waters of youth,
and secrets
of youth.  They spend
time and money in this search;
but, the wise seek the wisdom held
in the waters,  The River,  of God’s Love;
for, there is eternal life!  If you find The River
of God’s Love, wade-in, and you will find