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April 10, 2019

God SpeaksThe
to every question
you have, is within you.
Go within, first.  Do not confuse
the issue by rushing around, gathering opinions
on this, or that, or the other.  Be still, and ask.
The promise has been given to you, that if
you knock, the door will be opened,
and if you ask, it shall be given unto you.
Ask.  And The Holy Spirit says: Whenever you
seek an answer, be still, and go within.  Ask
your question, in sacred silence, and
be still.  The answer could
come in many forms.
You might hear
the answer,
You might
know the answer,
clearly.  You might feel it,
or  sense  it,  in  many  ways.
The answer  will be sent  to you
in the way  you will recognize,  for
it is the answer to your question.  Then,
once you have received your answer, accept
the answer, and you will be at peace.  You will
be  at  peace  knowing that:  when  you  knocked
the door was opened;  when you asked,  it was given
unto you; and therein, you rest, knowing God is with you.