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July 18, 2019



      Walking through a valley, standing upon a hilltop, wading in the waves of the ocean, sitting at the edge of a desert, these, and other places, that you will find upon Earth, often have a sense of freedom, always have a feeling of glory and beauty.  But today, if you find yourself behind prison bars, assigned to a hospital bed, waiting to hear news of a loved one, you too, even in these conditions, can experience a sense of freedom.  Release your mind, and your thoughts, to go to forgiveness, for yourself and others, for past transgres-sions, for past debts.  Be sure to be as noble and kind with yourself as you are others, in this particular prayer of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the key to freedom, and you can use it
no matter what your circumstances, or where you are.  Freedom begins within!

                                                               And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you are behind prison bars, or assigned to a bed in a hospital, or held captive within your concerns for another, it is possible to be free.  It is also possible to be a prisoner of your thoughts, and worries, and concerns when you are in a valley, on a hilltop, at the ocean, or at the desert.  Freedom begins within.  Your physical location rarely has anything to do with this feeling, this completeness, this wholeness, that the children of God should feel all the time.  Set yourself free, today, and begin the climb!