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March 2, 2020



      You are upon the Earth for a purpose, and that purpose is to complete your mission, fulfill your destiny, and return Home.  My child, it is that simple.  You have a mission.  Do not permit the ways of the world to distract you from your mission, for held within these worldly distractions you will find confusion and chaos; and, when you are ensnared in confusion and chaos, you will find fear, because you do not know which way to turn, because you are scattered in too many directions.  I say, sit with Me.  I will remind you of your mission.  I will point-out to thee your destiny, and you will remember.  When it is done, you are to come Home.  When it is done, you will escape the bonds of Earth, and come Home.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       To have a mission is a glorious thing.  It is a presentation of something that is yours to do; and then, to know that promise, that everything you need to complete your mission shall be yours, furthers the excitement of your adventure upon Earth.  Do not give this adventure up for the toils and the ruts of the world created by man.  Hold your head high, accept your mission, and move forward to completing your destiny upon the Earth.  This is exciting.  This is promising.  This is living The Way.