Every decision you make, every choice you make, has an impact on those around you.  Sometimes, it might impact only one other person.  And oftentimes, the impact is felt, mostly, by you.  Decisions, and choices, make a difference.  An individual can make a choice, on one side of the planet, and it has an impact, on an individual, on the other side of the planet.  There is not one choice, one decision, made, that does not have an impact, in some way.  You might not consider this, each time you are making a decision, or a choice, but it would be good for you to do so.  Just thinking of this will often be the prompting, you need, to make a choice that is of light, to make a choice that is not for retaliation.  Be mindful of your choices, and your decisions.  They are your choices, and your decisions, yet the impact is felt by others, even sometimes, others on the other side of the planet.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When the decisions, and choices, made by others, do not settle well, with you, reject the idea to retaliate, reject the idea to get angry, or spiteful.  The only response, you should consider, would be to be still, and fill yourself with the light.  Hold your tongue, until the light has moved you to speak words, which are of peace, and the truth of God.  Such words will calm anger, and hatred.  Reject the idea of retaliation.  Do not make that a decision.  Do not make retaliation a choice, which you would even consider.  In today’s world, the world in which you are living, at the present time, you will meet the challenge, seeming to require you to react, to what another has said, or done.  Be mindful.  Be careful.  Be vigilant.  Do not fan the flame of anger, or hatred, or judgment, or cruelty.  Make the choice, and decision, to stand in the light of God, and stay there.  Today, refuse to react to actions that seem harsh and cruel.  Let your response come from God, and often, it is the language of silence.