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April 1, 2019


God Speaks

Secure in
“The Knowing,”
that you are My child,
secure in the knowing, that
My love for you  doth abound,
go  forth  into this day,  and do not
let another’s chaos shift you,  change
you in any way.  Hold your place, stand
in My light, let My love fuel you, and fill
you with delight.  While all around you
might  toss,  and  tur,n  in  confusion,
My light will show you The Way.
There is no need to adopt
the chaos of oth-
ers, in any
And The
Holy Spirit says:
When you are secure
in who you are, you can
whisper to the storm to sub-
side,  to calm,  and the energy of
the storm,  will feel the power of God
within you;  and, it will be still!   God sent
you love, and that love is the most powerful
energy ever created; it is given, freely to you,
use it well, use it with confidence.  Rise-up, and
use the power of God’s love to still every storm!