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April 1, 2020


      It is easier to refrain from publicly exhibiting behaviors, which express fear, loathing, frustration, or disrespect, than it is to hold these temptations at bay, mentally.  Within your being, where no one else can see, it is not easy to continue the vigilance with regard to these energies, and that is where I would like you to work today.  Be mindful of what is slipping into your thoughts, for on the outside you could be behaving in a kind and receptive way, while internally, within your being, you are laughing, or mocking, or upset with others say or do.  It might be difficult to grasp, but that which you entertain within your being, within your thoughts, can be just as damaging as the outward signs you express of fear, or anger, or frustration, worry, even sadness.  Pay attention to what you are thinking, because, My child, your actions and your words are created within your thoughts.  Therefore, if you catch your thoughts, and cast from you all thoughts of a negative, a shadowy or a dark essence then, outwardly, your words and your deeds will shine brightly.  They will not be cloaked with a bit of shadow.  They will not be tainted with the darkest of spirits.  Today, set your course to mind what is happening within you, within your thoughts.  Clear The Way for My Light today. 

And The Holy Spirit says: 

      Sometimes you see another person, acting in a certain way, and you assume, from their actions that, that is what they think, because it is what they say.  But, that might not be the case.  Hold judgment, regarding any word or action, on the part of another, and go within yourself, first.  Clean-up your thoughts, first.  Make sure that the Love of God is flowing through you, first.  And once this is done, you are ready to walk-out into the new day.  Do not go out into the new day with your thoughts tainted, in any way.  Take the brooms, and the washcloths, and the buckets of hot, soapy water into your inner being, and clean yourself up.  Then, go out, and you will be surprised at the results of your day, because all that you see will be seen with clarity, with the vision of Heaven within you, with the eyes of your soul.