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April 1, 2021


      Embrace My Love, as it flows to thee, and in the embrace, My Light will be.  Rise-up, within The Light, between you and Me, and you will know peace, and tranquility.  Love, and Light, and Peace, brings tranquility, to your soul, serenity to your spirit, joy to your heart.  These things you cannot purchase.  They are gifts from Me to you.  And all you need do, to experience, these gifts, is to open, and receive.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You might find it difficult, to accept, the truth, that you need to do nothing, to receive The Love of God.  You do not need to sing another song, or make another offering.  All you need do, is accept The Love of God, to stand in The Light of God, so that you might know The Way of God.  Sometimes, to draw nearer to God, you must stop doing, and start being.  Just be, and God will cover thee, with Love, and Light, so you might know Peace.