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April 10, 2020



      When you pass through the doorway of silence, and enter the chamber quietly, in stillness you will hear Me, you will hear The Whisper, which has evaded thee, as you were distracted by the noise, the chaos, and confusion of the world created by man.  In silence you hear The Wind.  In silence you can hear a leaf fall upon the ground.  In silence you can hear raindrops, as they splash against a window.  In silence you hear that which is not heard when there is noise.   In silence you hear Me.  Silence opens the door to hearing.  When you are still, you hear all that is held in the arms of silence, and wisdom begins to take root and grow within thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are facing difficult times, or issues come-up which must be resolved, the starting place for resolution should be the room of silence, because when you are silent you will hear the ways of God, as they are whispered to you, so that they might bring peace to you; and, once peace settles within you, and you are still, inside and out, matters become clear, and those things that seemed to be turned inside-out fold gently into place, and all is right, because you sat quietly to see how God would have everything unfold around you.  Most of the time, resolution of the issues, and the matters at hand, take care of themselves in The Creator’s hands, when you are still and quiet.