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April 10, 2021



      Do not limit Me by what you know.  Embrace Me, and you will grow, in your understanding, of what you were told, by your Brother Jesus.  “God is Spirit.”  “God is Love.”  That is Me.  I AM Spirit, The Source of all life, and I AM Love.  Without trying to love, I AM Love.  I can do no other, but love.  Love is, and Love is Me, and I AM Love.  As I Am Spirit, you too are spirit.  But you are not limited, in the being, of spirit.  For that which comes from Me is varied, and different, and magnificent, and amazing.  And, so too, is what comes from you.  You can see, what is created, by another, and know, a bit more, about them, just by what they create.  Even the words, and sentences, that flow from them are a creation.  Look, and listen, and learn.  Who are those around you?  They tell you, every day, by that which they create.  And I tell you, every day, who I AM, through that which I create.  You cannot see a tree, without knowing Me, a bit better.  You cannot see the vastness, of the oceans, and the deserts, without knowing Me, a bit better.  You cannot see the beauty, of a solitary flower, intricate and simple in its design, without knowing Me, better.  Look, and see, and you will begin to know Me, better.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not limit yourself, or others, by that which you think you know, because that will tie them down, and deny them the right to grow, as they are meant to be.  For, what is new, and true, one day, might be different, as it grows, into the next day, and the next year.  Truth can grow.  It can be more magnificent than it was, before it did grow.  When you feel you know the truth, treasure what you know, until, from within you, I water your Garden of Truth, and it begins to grow, and you begin to know Me, and The Wind stirs thee, and you see, what you could not see, before.