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April 11, 2019





God SpeaksBe thankful for that which you have, right now;
let your heart sing-out in gratitude, for all that you hold,
right  now;  for,  the  gifts  that you have  within you,  right now,
are  what  will  make it possible  for you to reach the goal  you seek;
and with every step you take toward the goal, your gifts grow, and be-
come stronger; and then, more gifts come, additional gifts to assist you
in the reaching of the goal.   The gifts you have today are the doorway
to the goal you will see tomorrow.   Do not seek the goal without ap-
preciating the gifts you have today.   And The Holy Spirit says:  Do
not set your focus so firmly on the goal ahead, that you neglect
that which you have today; for, it is in using the gifts you
have today, that you will reach the goal set before
you!  Be thankful for that which you have,
and in gratitude, use the gifts,
you have been