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April 11, 2021



      A life, without worry, or fear, or anxiety, or doubt, is a life worth living.  And, for those, who are, living, this noble life, it is a sign to others.  Believe, that I will take care of you.  And, no matter what knocks, at your door, you have, within you, the gift to counter, whatever comes your way, which might be of darkness, or shadow.  You have been given the gifts to push it away, to push darkness, and shadow, away from you.  And once you stand-up, and believe, that these gifts are within you, that I AM your Eternal Parent, that The Holy Spirit is with you as Counselor, that your Brother Jesus did not lie to you, then what harm can come to you?  It is the key.  And, that key, will unlock the door, to freedom, a life without fear, worry, concern, anxiety, or any other tie, weight, or destructive force.  Believe Me.  Trust Me.  Rise-up, and feel, The Power that I send to you.  Feel The Light I give to you.  Feel the confidence that is you, when you know these things, when you believe all that I will do, through you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Rise-up, joyfully, and believe.