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April 11, 2021


      “I AM with you.  I AM here.  I come toward you, so that you might know Me, and a life, without fear, or worry, or anxiety.  I AM with you, and I will always be with you.  If you cannot comprehend this, right now, just accept the mystery of it, and trust Me, for it is true, that I AM with you.                                                                


      “Look at the tree, and the rabbits, and the birds, of the air, and understand that they are living life as a tree, as a rabbit, as a bird, in the air.  And the tree, and the rabbit, and the bird, in the air, do not worry, about where they will sleep, what they will eat, what they will wear.  You are meant to live, such a life, free from worry and fear.  But, to live, such a life, without worry, or fear, means you must believe that your God is near, that you have been given all you need, to live your life, upon the Earth, without worry, or fear, or doubt.

      “The truth is that these things are yours.  A life, free of worry, fear, and doubt, is possible, for you, but you must have faith, and believe it is true.  I showed you The Way.  I spoke the words Our Father, in Heaven, asked Me to say.  You have the key to a joyful life.  It is faith, and in faith it will be possible for you to do all things.

      “(There is) Nothing, which needs doing, for you to live your life, as you are meant to live your life, upon the Earth, that you cannot master, because you were sent to Earth, with all that you need within you.  The ways, of the world, have thrown upon you: fear, anger, worry, doubt.  You have been taught to worry, to doubt, to mistrust, to disbelieve, until you can prove otherwise.  But, My brothers and sisters, you do not know otherwise.  You think you know.  You might even hope and pray you know.  But you do not know, until you live in faith, and you believe, what is true, that you have all you need inside of you.

      “Sometimes, you know something, to the ability, you have to know it.  And, living with this knowing, usually leads you to a place of showing, that there has always been more to know.  Faith will lead you to a life, which is complete, and constantly growing, in the knowing, of all that is with you.  Take My words and believe them.  Do not just repeat them, or sing them, or dance to them.  Believe them.  Have faith in the words I spoke to you.  Have faith in the miracles I worked for you, so that you could know God, in all the glorious things, I did before you.  I did not do miracles so that I could be glorified.  The miracles were done, so that the glory would be God’s, so all would see what God will do for each of you, for you, all of you, without consideration of what you have done, or what you have planned to do, or what you are doing, right now.  All, of this revelation, is meant so that you see The Power, and The Glory, of God.  And then, once you see, that you know The Power, and Glory, of God.  And once you know The Power, and Glory, of God, the knowing grows, to a place, where you feel The Power, and The Glory, of God, within you.  Those words I spoke, were words of promise, and they are true.

      “I lived My life, in front of you, revealing much, in all I did say, and do.  And at the end, I died for you, in front of you, so you might see, and know, The Power, and The Glory, of God, through Me.  I did rise-up, for you, so you might see, all that is before you.  There should be no fear, if you believe the words I spoke, and the deeds, and the miracles.  If you believed, in these things, there would be no fear, no worry, no doubt.  Now, you must believe that you have been given all things.  And no matter what darkness and shadow the world brings, to your door, you have The Power, and The Glory, of God, within you, to say, ‘No.  No more.  I believe.  I trust.  I know.’

      “My brothers and sisters, believe My words, because My words were the words of God, for you, so you might believe.  Believe in the miracles, because the miracles were for you, so that you might see, and know, The Glory of God, in each of the miracles, for you.  Let My death, on the cross, be your death, to the ways of the world.  And, let My resurrection, be your resurrection, from the ways of the world, because the world cannot harm you.  It cannot stop your eternal life.  And, to make sure, that you can hear these things, and feel these things, within you, The Spirit of God is within you, so at your moment, of temptation, to doubt, or worry, anxiety, or fear, if you go within, the words you will hear, are the words of God, The Wisdom of Heaven, and they will bring you to the place, where you will rise-up.  My resurrection will be your resurrection.  My ascension will be your ascension.  My intention, to do, and live, so that others might know The Glory, and The Power, of God, through Me, will be your intention.  Do not let the ways of the world make you small, or belittle you, at all.  Today, embrace faith, and The Power, and The Glory, of God, that is within you, and stand up, and live free, without worry, or concern, of what might be, because all that is to be, is within each of you, each one of you.  It is within you, and it is within Me, for all eternity.”