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April 12, 2020 – Easter Sunday


      When every prophecy. spoken through the prophets, was done, was completed, The Light walked amongst those of Earth, and The Light fulfilled all of the prophecies, spoken by the prophets, to the last utterance, and The Light returned to Heaven.  But, The Light did not return to Heaven until The Light was passed amongst those who had recognized fulfillment, and embraced the teaching of The Light.  The Light of Heaven is still with you, within you.  Rise-up this day and light the world with that which you have been taught within.  For, as The Light was born into the world, the world carries The Light, by those who embrace The Light.  If you know The Light, rise-up and be The Light, today.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, waiting can be difficult, trying; and, for those who waited, for The Messiah, it was long and tedious.  But, there walked amongst them, those who spoke of a promise, of that which was to come; and, those words were the flicker of hope in the hearts of many.  The flicker of hope has turned into a flame of faith, for you know; and, as you know you are.  You are that which you know.  You know The Light, therefore you are The Light.