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April 12, 2020, Easter Sunday



      “I AM with you.  Look around you.  See where you are living and breathing, right now.  Wherever you are it is a piece of your eternal life.  Look at it, study it, know it, and then, as you live it, bless it by how you live it; for, no matter where you might be, as a part of your eternal life, it can be blessed and made holy by what you do, by how you think of it, by the words you say of it.  Therefore, today I AM with you to encourage you to bless this piece of your eternal life you are living, right now.    


      “Today, I see many of you celebrating that piece of My eternal life, which you call Easter.  You have just completed many days of a time you call Lent, during which you reflect and pray about portions of My lifetime upon Earth.  You walk a bit closer with Me.  You speak less of the things of the world and turn your heart more toward the teachings of Heaven.  And, once this period of Lent is complete there is great celebration, because all of the prophecies, spoken by the prophets of the Old Testament, were fulfilled, every one of them.  That was My task, My honor, and I completed all of the prophecies about The Messiah before I said it was done. 

       “You see, God does not leave the children, walking upon the Earth, to wander in darkness without hope, and those prophecies were the hope of the people who were waiting.  And, once those prophecies were fulfilled, there was great joy, amongst those who saw The Light, recognized The Light, and embraced The Light.  I did bring The Light.  I brought in the teachings, the illumination, of The Dimension of Perfection, of Heaven.  I taught the things of God.  I spoke the words God asked Me to speak.  I did that which Our Father asked of Me.  And, by doing so, I delivered The Light.  And, for those who embraced The Light, they carried The Light with them, so this Light, that they embraced through these teachings of Heaven, illuminated the darkness and the shadow for them.  And, there was no fear, because in these teachings they also accepted eternal life.  And, when I did rise-up, on that day you celebrate as Easter Sunday, all the teachings about eternal life were confirmed within them.  The Light lives.  And, when you hold The Light others can lean toward The Light, and The Light will move into them.  It is possible for you to walk amongst those of Earth, with your Light shining brightly, and not saying one word, pass The Light to others, because those who see The Light know The Light.  Those who reject The Light turn from The Light, and The Light is not with them.  They do not know The Light, because they turned from The Light.  But, for those who know The Light, and embrace The Light, The Light is with you.

       “Today, celebrate The Light.  Celebrate the illumination from Heaven.  Celebrate that God loves the children of Earth so much that every measure will be taken to rekindle a spark, so it returns to a flame.  And, you rekindle the spark every time you speak My name, for when you speak My name, I AM with you; and, I will be with you forever.  I AM The Light.  I have given unto you My Light.  Therefore, you are The Light.  Rise-up and be The Light.”