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April 13, 2020


      I hear you, My child.  Even when your lips are still, even when your cries for help no longer fill the room, and space, around you, I hear you, because I know you.  I know your heart.  I know your yearnings.  I know your longings.  I know the periods of desperation, which flood over you, sometimes.  I know sadness when you feel sadness.  I hear you.  But, when I hear you, it is not in the words you say, it is not in your cries for help.  It is the unspoken call of your heart, knocking on the door of Heaven.  Be still, and you will hear The Whisper, and it will begin to cast from you fear, and worry, and doubt.  Be still, and listen, for The Whisper will fill you with strength and courage, and soon the darkness will leave you, and the sun will bring forth The Light, and the day will begin anew.  If you are not still, you cannot hear Me.  Be still.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not cease seeking communication, communion, with God when fear no longer invades you, when anger, or sorrow, or sadness sits with you no more.  Do not cease seeking communion with God when the storms have passed, and the birds are singing, once more.  For, if you will maintain that sweet communion with God by listening for The Whisper: you will be prepared for the next attempt to invade your sacred chamber; you will be prepared for the storms, which will surely come; and, you will be prepared to embrace the day filled with Light all around you.  God knows you.  God is speaking to you, but to hear the words of wisdom, you must be still.