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April 13, 2021



      Close your ears to the nay-sayers, because you can do that, which I have asked you to do.  Yes, you can do it.  Not only, can you do it, you can do it, perfectly, just as it is asked of you, because it is yours to do.  Others around you will doubt, and believe you cannot do it, because it is not theirs to do.  And, because it is not theirs to do, they do not possess the necessary gifts, or the knowing of how it could be done, or how it should be done.  The words, the signs, and the keys, to unlocking the mystery, of the doing of it, have not been sent to them, have not been given to them, because it is not theirs to do.  My child, the honor of the doing has been bestowed upon you.  And, since the honor is yours, the gifts, and all you need to accomplish the goal, are yours, as well.  I AM calling you, to rise-up, and do, that, which you are meant to do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When the honor has been bestowed upon you, with the saying of, “Yes,” with the willingness to do, the courage, strength, and power, required for the doing, will make itself known from within you.  And I will fill you, with direction, guidance, and The Wisdom of Heaven, so that, that, which is your destiny to do, shall be accomplished, through you.