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April 14, 2019


    “I AM with you.  I reach-out toward you, acknowledging all you do, each effort, every step, noticing the challenges and trials, embracing the glory of your rising-up to meet them all.  Life upon Earth is a series of steps, lessons, challenges, and accomplishments; and, I AM with you through each one, reminding you that your glory is in the rising-up.

   “Your mission upon the Earth, no matter what it is, involves bringing The Kingdom of God onto the Earth through what you say, through what you do.  While you are upon the Earth your mission might often entail: creating beautiful buildings; constructing highways, and other infrastructure; overseeing projects of every type and size; capturing the things of Earth through your painting; writing books, or plays, or music, or inspiring dance; tending fields, and forests, and oceans, and seas; working in support of your family, and those you love.  When your work is exceptional, when it is good, others notice what you have done, and you receive accolades, and awards.  Sometimes there is applause from one, or two, or a crowd, in support of what you do.  But, do not let these voices raised in praise turn your head, or lead you away from the purpose of your mission.  Do not fall to the temptation to please the followers, forsaking the spirit of that which you are to do, for this will surely lead you astray.  The applause will come, and it will go; therefore, do not rely on the approval of others to know your worth, for they know not who you are.

   “You are child of God, a citizen of Heaven, a noble being on a mission, sent from Heaven to bless Earth with all you think, and say, and do.  Therefore, do not let the voices of Earth overshadow that which you are meant to do.  Be still, be quiet, and connect with God every day, for that is The Way to secure you are on track, that you remember you are an eternal being.  When you live-out your temporary life upon the Earth, knowing it is only a piece of your eternal life in The Dimension of Perfection, then your perspective of your Earth experience is altered, and it takes on sacred value. 

   “You accepted the mission, and it is yours.  Let The Kingdom of God flow onto the Earth in a mighty and glorious way, through you, and all you think, say, and do.  Let those of Earth know God, through you.”