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April 14, 2019

   Know that you are worthy of My love.  Know that, with great understanding,
I bless your mission upon the Earth.  Know that it is good to receive awards,
and notice, for those good things you do upon the Earth.  Permit others to
acknowledge success in that which you have accomplished.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   It is good to receive honors, awards, and  applause for that which you
accomplish as you live your life upon the Earth.  The misstep comes when
your focus is limited to receiving the gifts, the applause, the acknowledge-
ment of others.  The things you accomplish on Earth are good; but, do
not permit these deeds to define who you are, or keep you limited, and
held in that space, ignoring your spiritual accomplishments, disallowing
your eternal triumphs.  Do not rely on the applause of others, for there
will come the time, when they turn from you, for they know not who
you are.  Step-up your game, set your cause for the honor of God,
set your glory to be seen in the light of God; and, transcend the things
of Earth to rise-up, receiving the gifts of Heaven.