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April 14, 2020


      If you are a loving parent, you know how fulfilling loving your child can be.  If you are a child, receiving love from your parent, you know how rewarding receiving this love can be.  If you are in any kind of loving relationship, you know the gift, and the power of love.  Come sit with Me, and as we sit together alone, quietly, you will feel My love for thee, and you will know love beyond what you have provided, received, or imagined, as you live upon the Earth.  For, as you sit within the energy of My unconditional love for you all things are healed, all wounds are healed, all you feel is My love, and at that moment, My love is enough for thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You can calm anger by standing within the energy of love.  If you can avoid encounters of anger, or aggression of any kind, then maintaining love is rather easy, you will find.  But, it is in those moments that are intense, when another is falling apart, and being totally consumed by fear, or worry, or anger, when your ability to create the energy of love shows the glory of God, shining through you, because: love will quiet the tempest; love will calm the fear; love will bring peace to hatred.  Fill your well with love by sitting with God quietly each day, so that you might have more than enough, so that your well might flow-over with the love you are receiving, nurturing, and exchanging.  There are many gifts, there are many talents, but none of these are greater than love.  Love is first.