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April 14, 2021



      It is time, for you to understand, more completely, the importance of the coming, of a new day.  Every new day, you are given, the opportunity, to make your mark, on something that will never fade away.  All that occurs, in one day, each new day, is recorded, held forever, in a place of prominence, in The Corridors of Time.  Each coming, brings opportunity, to you.  Embrace the opportunity, and do that, which you have always wanted to do.  Make your mark, and celebrate the importance of the day, that is with you, now.  Celebrate it greatly, enthusiastically.  It does not matter if the celebration is because: you are making pancakes, in the morning; or, you have received a promotion, at work; or, your son is excited about a new school project.  The cause of the celebration does not matter.  The day itself, is cause enough, for celebration.  Leave your mark, upon the day, and make it a prominent mark.  Mark the day with love.  Mark the day, helping others.  Mark the day, in such a way, so all can see, throughout eternity, what came from you, on this new day.  You will never have this opportunity, again.  Once the day is done, it is done.  Set a course to mark this day, and every day, with something uniquely your own, a gift from you, a piece of you, to mark the piece of eternity, that is today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You often hear it said that it is, “a new day,” “a great new day,” “a new day is with us,” “a new day is dawning.”  And, it is often said, with enthusiasm.  But there is something missing, in your comprehension, of the importance, of each new day.  You are not grasping the significance.  You are not embracing it, as the honor it is.  This is your opportunity: to make your mark, on The Corridors of Time; to stamp the day, signifying your presence; and, to answer the honor, with a gift, created by you, uniquely your own.  There will be other days, some similar, to this day, some very much like this day, but never exactly “this” day.  Celebrate the glory, of this day, and mark it well.