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April 15, 2021


      Cling to faith, renouncing doubt.  Cling to charity, renouncing lack.  Cling to truth, renouncing fear.  Cling to love, renouncing hate.  Cling to peace, renouncing chaos.  Cling to The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, that are yours, renouncing darkness, and shadow, when it threatens you.  You have all you need to be victorious.  Use The Gifts you have been given, and you shall know The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When fear threatens your peace, cling to the truth, in the words, I speak to you, for I AM speaking, I Am whispering, from within you.  Believe this mystery.  Believe I AM sent to you, so you will always know The Way.  And better yet, I AM sent to dwell, within you, so you can hear the words I say.  Even when no one else around you can hear them, you can hear them, if you will listen, and not turn away.  Cling to the words, which are The Wisdom of Heaven, which I speak to you, renouncing doubt, and fear, and worry, today.