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April 16, 2020


      Once you make the commitment to walk The Way of Light there will still be times when you feel you are weary of being the only light in a sea of darkness, the only smile in a sea of anger, the only compassion in a sea of chaos and confusion.  There will be times when you are tempted to let your light dim.  That is when you will feel My presence, and you will rise-up again, and continue, making your way along the path.  Your heart will seek another, whose light will accompany your own.  But My child, what you do not know, what you do not see, is the path of light behind you, comprised of those who have ignited their flame, because of the fire that burns on yours.  Your torch has been the source of rekindling an ember within others.  And, while you might not see it, I see it.  What was once a solitary light, moving along a path, in a sea of darkness, has turned into a highway of light all because you did not surrender to the darkness, but you continued to make The Way a way of light for others to follow.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you make the decision that you will not meet aggression with aggression, that you will not meet fear with fear, that you will not create more chaos when chaos is standing all around you, when you make these decisions to choose The Way of Light, this commitment does not necessarily guarantee that it will be an easy path to follow; but, it will be a rewarding path to follow, the path that will fulfil you.  And, while you hold your torch high, this determination will not let your arm waver or fall.  Today, understand the meaning of a solitary candle in a sea of darkness, and then accept the responsibility to carry that light; for, there are many seeking light.  Today, be the source of light for many in a sea of darkness and confusion.