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April 17, 2020


      You take steps, often, during the day, to protect your physical body, your physical environment.  You wash your hands, often and well.  You wash your hair, and shower, and bathe.  You clean your home and your environment, so that you might free yourself of the germs and bacteria, which could bring disease and illness.  This you do to protect your body, your physical body, and your physical environment.  My child, it is time for you to take the same steps, be as vigilant, with your spiritual body, and your spiritual environment, as you are with your physical environment, because darkness and shadow carry bacteria and germs, which can invade your spiritual environment and body, and bring sickness.  Pay attention to that which is eternal, at least as much attention as you pay to that which is physical and temporary.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sitting with God in prayer, listening to guidance from The Heavenly Kingdom, is washing, cleaning, protecting your spiritual environment, your spiritual body.  Sit often in prayer, reflecting on how you can bring more light into the world created by man.  Push from you all things of darkness and shadow; and, create great light.  This is The Way you protect your spiritual environment, your spiritual body.  Do not neglect it.  Wash yourself clean, many times during the day, to prevent disease of the spiritual nature.  As you wash your hands frequently, sit with God quietly.  As you wash your hair and your body often, pray often.  Do these things to protect your spiritual body, and you will be healthy, and you will be at peace, and you will live a life of abundant joy.  Protect that which is yours, and live.