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April 17, 2021



      I wish for you to know the joy, of living your life, upon Earth, illuminated, and animated, by My Spirit, within you, by My Light, within you, by all The Gifts I have given you, within you.  Rise-up, and walk, filled with The Breath of Life, animated by My Breath, The Breath of Life.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not seek, to move your body, by what you put into your body.  For, no matter how much you eat, or drink, how many drugs, or alcohol, you might take into yourself, they will not fill you with a joyful spirit, they will not animate your body, and illuminate The Way.  Do not surrender.  Do not believe that, that which you eat, or drink, or wear, will animate your body, so that: it exists, beyond compare; it is joyful, happy, and filled with light.  These things will fade.  These things will not bring you light, or wisdom, or truth.  At the core of your being, there is the truth, the spark, the spirit.  And, because, it is within you, you recall something, you remember something.  And often, spend all the days of your life, upon Earth, seeking that something, when it is always within you.  Do not seek wisdom, or joy, or happiness from that which you put into, or onto, your body.  Go within.  That is where it has been, all along.  The Spirit of God is within you.  Be still, and you will feel it, and, you will know, and The Wisdom of Heaven, will be yours, wherever you go.