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April 18, 2020



      Do not ignore that which is yours to follow the ways of the world, seeking that which you know not.  Nurture the gifts you carry within you.  Nurture the gifts of Heaven that are yours, and these gifts, which were given especially to you, will produce fruit, and this fruit, grown by the gifts of Heaven, will feed you, give your strength and courage, lead you to The Way, and guide you to that which you are to do, to that which you are intended to do.  And in this way, you will know peace upon the Earth, because it will be My hand guiding you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       While you are upon the Earth joy and happiness can be elusive.  You can search for things that you think you desire, knowing, once you have them, that the embrace is empty, and you are unfulfilled.  While you are wandering and searching, the eternal gifts of Heaven were within you, unnoticed, unopened.  Go there.  Go within and open the gifts, and celebrate the treasure that is yours, for this treasure will show you The Way, will provide all you need to complete your mission, to fulfill your destiny upon the Earth, and return Home victorious, victorious because you do know Earth, you have lived upon the Earth, but you did so using the gifts of Heaven.  And, because you experienced Earth, using the gifts of Heaven, your experience was divine, lasting, eternal.  Do not ignore the gifts that are yours to open that which you know not.