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April 18, 2021



      Do not drop the golden nugget, reaching, and grabbing, for the ordinary stones and rocks.  Do not cast away the precious pearl, seeking to gather, that which is of little value.  You are the golden nugget.  You are the precious pearl.  Do not surrender, or cast from you, the gold that is you, the pearl that is you, seeking to be more like others, the ordinary rocks, and pebbles, and stones.  Just because they are plentiful, does not make them more valuable.  Treasure the golden nugget.  Cherish the precious pearl.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It seems, the way of the world, to reach, for what others have, because you see it, clearly.  You see the possessions of others, clearly.  You see the clothing they wear.  You see the color of their hair.  You see the finery, and the jewelry.  You see the cars they drive, and the homes, in which they dwell.  And, these things, you often, desire to have.  It is better to turn your head.  Do not be distracted from that which you have, from that one special, sacred person, that is you.  Do not be distracted by what others do.  Create the best you, from within.  For, it takes time to mine the gold, and find the nugget.  It takes time for the sand to become the pearl.  And, it takes time, for you to reach your destiny, as who you are.  But, do not be distracted, from the mining, from the waiting, from the learning, from the living, because, in the end, it will be, you, the nugget, you, the pearl.