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April 18, 2021



      “I AM with you.  With the coming of the new day, I AM with you, in a special way.  I AM with you, for this day, just as I was through the night, and the day before, and the night before, and so on.  I AM always with you.  It is not only you, seeking Me, I will seek thee, and call, and whisper, and move, in such a way, that you can no longer deny, but must say, ‘I feel You with me.’  So, let us walk, into this new day, together.  The Garden of Earth is waiting.  Let us go into it, together.                                                                


      “Today, I AM so moved to speak to you, about the importance, of being you.  Because you are not constantly looking at yourself, that you are not observing you, it is easy to look, and observe, others, hear what they say, see what they do.  And often, as you look, and see, and observe, the things they say are compelling to you.  And you find their words seem better suited, for the situation, or the telling of the story, than the words you would utter.  And it seems their clothing is much more appealing, in appearance, than the clothing you wear.  And you follow, and you try to copy the style of the hair, the dress they wear, the suit they wear, the words they say.  And, come the end of the day, you find you are not so pleased with yourself, or happy, because all day you have been striving to be that which you are not.  No matter how clever your words might be, they sounded false, because you were copying, or striving to speak, the words of another, and the way the other spoke.  You were using the example of dress, the style of the hair, as the example of what you should wear, or how you should look.  And, no matter, how hard you tried, you did not look like they did look.

      “Envision a hillside, and a man, with a pick.  And, in the vision, imagine that you can see, through the outer appearance of the hillside, right into inner Earth, and you see gold, just below, where his pick is striking, as it hits the ground.  But he begins to look around, before the gold is found.  And there are others, on another hillside, shouting, and dancing, and singing, ‘hooray,’ because they have found the gold they were looking for, that day.  And they are calling everybody to come, and see, what is theirs, what they lift-up, into the sunlight, for all to see.  And, the man drops the pick, just short of finding the gold, and runs to join the others.  And, as he arrives, they say, ‘It was not gold, at all.’  And, they keep digging, and he sits, in dismay, tired, unwilling to go back, and pick-up the pick, and continue the working.  So, he stops, short of finding the gold.  He was distracted, by the story others told, about what they did hold, when the gold of Earth was almost in his hand.

      “Do not place greater value on what others have, or do, or say, than you value, that which you have, that which you do, that which you say.  You are as unique as the pearl.  And, you have far more value than the golden nugget.  God has given you The Gift of Life, and the opportunity to choose, through free will, what you do with your life, upon Earth.  Do not stop, short of bringing forth the gold.  Do not cease, waiting, before the shell unfolds, and there you find the pearl.  Do not be distracted, by the ways of the world.  You are the hill, and you are the ocean.  You are the gold, and you are the pearl.

      “Look around, and enjoy, and celebrate, with others, for others, about others.  But do so, without ignoring that which you are.  Let each of you celebrate the unique sacredness of you, celebrate, honor, respect; because together, you create The Great Tapestry.  You are continuing God’s creation.  Do not ignore, what you are, seeking to be, what another might be, in your eyes, because you might be led astray, by false gold, by fake gold, when you are just before holding the golden nugget, that is you, the pearl, that is you.  Do not forsake yourself, seeking to be, what others might be, or appear to be.  This day celebrate, the gold that is you, the pearl that is you.  Celebrate The Glory of God, within you.”