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April 19, 2021



      I wish for you, to see yourself, as I see you.  For until you see yourself, until you know yourself, through My eyes, you will not be able to see others, through My eyes.  Until you honor, and respect, yourself, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to honor, and respect, others, as I honor, and respect, you.  Yes, your Creator is saying, that you are honored, and respected, for the being you are, for you are My spirit.  I AM Spirit, and I AM Love, and you are spirit, and you are love.  At the core of your being, each of you, is spirit, and love, and this is what I love.  I honor you, and respect you, because I see you, I know you, I love you.  And until you understand this, you will not be able to see others, as I see you.  It is important for you to know your value, and your worth, so that you might see the value, and worth, in others, in a sincere, and sacred, way.  Today, take some time: to see yourself, as spirit, and love; to go that place, within yourself, where you are spirit, and love; and then move-out, from there, that sacred center, where you are, as you are meant to be.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you see yourself, as God sees you, in other words, see yourself, through the eyes of God, then you will be able to look at every individual, around you, and see them, through the eyes of God; because, if you are permitting this love of God to saturate your body, and flow from you, then it is God seeing, through you.  And, as God is seeing through you, you are loved, and blessed, and embraced, by all that is flowing through you, out into the world.  It is a different way.  And by doing, and living, in this way, Earth is blessed, rather than cursed.  When you see others, as God sees others, you will no longer find it necessary: to manipulate; or try to control; or bow-down to another’s position; or aggressively lord-over others.  You will no longer mock.  You will no longer deny.  You will seek to look, and see, and be the love, and the light, of God, because you will be satisfied.  Your thirst, for any attention, from others, whatsoever, will be sated, because you will be filled, with the love, and the light, of God.  Today, recognize your value, and your worth, in the eyes of God.  You are not an accidental creation.  You are the creation of The God of All That Is.  You are a part of All That Is.  And that alone should be enough to make your life worth living, worth loving, worth celebrating, with others.