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April 2, 2019


God SpeaksEvery step
forward you take
you encounter new terrain.
As you move forward in your lifetime
you encounter new people, new individuals.
And it is the same, with your spiritual life, as you draw
closer to Me, you will hear Me speak to you, and you will know
that, which you did not know, before!  Take a step forward today, and
you will stand on new terrain!  Continue your journey upon the Earth today,
and you will meet those, you have not met before.  Be still, and come to Me, and
I will teach thee, that which you did not know before. And The Holy Spirit says:
Forward progress  is important  in all ways,  in all things  for your growth.
Do not focus on the seen,  and grow only there.   Focus on the un-
seen, and you will find  you are there;  and,  in the beauty
of the seen  and the unseen,  you  will become a-
ware that you are living in the world, but
not of the world, you will do both.
You  will  live  your life  upon
the Earth, “knowing,”
The Kingdom of
God is