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April 2, 2020



      Whenever you are tempted to retaliate, to get even, to get back at another, to swap insult for insult, or even to have the last word in an argument, be still.  Use all your will to fight the temptation to retaliate, in any way.  It takes two or more to continue an argument.  The invitation to join an exchange of bitter or angry words can be rejected, and should be rejected, My child; for, to do anything else, other than be still, adds fuel to the fire, creates more darkness and shadow, extends the battle.  And, that is not what you want to do.  Be still and sit with Me.  Tell the story to Me, and with every phrase you say, I will guide you wisely in My way.  My way will be love.  For, as you tell Me all the ways you have been wronged in the exchange, I will whisper to you, “I love you.”  When you repeat each word that was hurtful to you, I will whisper, “I love you.”  And as My love enfolds you, you will finally be at peace; and, you will also find the temptation to retaliate is melting away, as it is held within My love.  This is My guidance to you.  When you are tempted to join into an argument, or a fight, or any type of discord whatsoever, be still and create peace within your being.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       God is waiting to teach you, and as you are taught The Ways of God, you find it easier and easier to turn away from bitter exchanges, of any kind, because you know the value of peace.  And when you are at peace, it is much more difficult to disturb the peace within you.  Those around you might feel angry, chaotic, they might feel they are living in confusion or doubt; but as long as you maintain your peace within, you will not be drawn into the chaos, confusion, anger, or doubt.  There is a Kingdom within you in which you can dwell, go there, and you shall live well.  You will be happy, and you will be joyful, living within The Kingdom that is in you.