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April 2, 2021



      Practice.  Whatever you are attempting to do, practice, so that the act, of doing, is part of you.  Practice.  If you want to be a good basketball player, it often requires, that you practice alone, to accomplish the goal.  And hours, and days, and years, later, after so much practice, you find that, just from the practice, from anywhere on the court, you can take the shot, and know, it will score, it will find the net.  And what is more, you can take that shot, in the stress of a final buzzer, and still, because you have practiced, the arc is perfect, and you score.  When anything is of value to you, you practice, until you are perfectly natural, just as the basketball player and the ball are one, with the court, and the net, waiting.  You become skilled in whatever you choose to do.  But, even those, who are born with a gift, born with a skill, or an artistic talent, if they want to ‘fine tune’ that talent, that gift, they must practice.  And there they find perfection.  But you must practice.  Be watchful.  Be vigilant.  Look for the signs, so you might know The Way.  Practice your connection, as a spiritual being, with Me.  Be so practiced, in our relationship, that it is familiar to you, that from any point, on the Earth, you know, you can whisper My name, and we will talk, and you will know The Way Home.  Be familiar with Me.  When the times of challenge and trial come, you will be practiced.  You will know what to do.  Be watchful, be vigilant, for I AM with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you are a baker, each loaf of bread will come out perfect, in its form, in its aroma, in its taste, only because of all of the practice, the determination, you have put into the skill of making bread, over the years.  It is the same, with anything.  If you apply yourself, if you practice, you get better, and better.  And that, which you are practicing, gets more familiar to you.  As the baker’s hands are familiar with the flour, and the yeast, sometimes eggs, sometimes water, milk, whatever the ingredients of that day might be, those skilled, practiced hands, can knead, and roll, and bring forth perfection, from what used to be a cup of flour.  It takes practice.  Do not give up on your spiritual life, because it is your primary life.  Do not turn your back, and walk away, because it seems difficult to practice, every day; because, the time of trying, and challenge, will come to each of you, sometimes many times, sometimes only once.  But, if you are practiced, and familiar, with The Ways of God, you will not be undone.  You will be victorious, and move on, walking in the warmth of The Son, into a brand-new day.