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April 20, 2020


      Your thought, that which you focus your energy upon, is created.  Know this.  Once you have a thought, no matter what it is, you have created an energy, something that exists, at first within you, and then, through your words and deeds, all around you.  It is in thought that it is born, and it is in word and action that it is released to the world around you, scattered over the Earth.  But hearing these words does not deepen your understanding of the words.  So today, I give you an opportunity to practice, to exercise, with this thought.  Let us take kindness for today.  When you have the opportunity, anytime of the day, focus on being kind to the other person, or persons.  No matter what the situation, think to yourself, “I shall deliver kindness to this person;” and then, smile, and listen.  Listen with your heart.  Smile with your heart.  And soon, you will see the other person, looking at you, possibly while they are saying, “thank you for your kindness;” but, perhaps just looking at you, and you see in their eyes they are thanking you for your kindness.  This is how you create a well of kindness within you that is so deep it seems there is no bottom to it, because every time you give the gift of kindness your well grows deeper and deeper.  But, unless you will practice, with the intention of looking and seeing what your kindness is accomplishing, you really do not have a good understanding or comprehension of the power of your thought.  Every thought, even the thoughts you think no one knows about, is powerful, and it creates. It creates either darkness and shadow, or goodness and light.  Pay attention to it today.  Use this day as the day to see the power of your thought in simple acts of kindness.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You read about it, you hear people say it, that “your thoughts create,” but sometimes it just becomes a phrase that you say, but you do not take very deep within you.  It is a nice phrase, it is helpful, but follow it through to another level, and begin actively thinking.  Yes, go into the laboratory of your thoughts, and create kindness.  You do not even have to wait for the opportunity, just go there right now.  At this very moment, with your eyes closed, focus your thoughts on kindness, focus your thoughts on being kind to another person.  Instantly you find, that just in the thought process, you feel lighter, truth is you feel kinder, because that is exactly what you have created.  Today, experience creating kindness, intentionally.  Focus on kindness and feel a new lightness of being within you.