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April 20, 2021



      When you have respect, for your brothers and sisters, when you have found the place, where you will honor the spirit, that is within them, then there is no desire, to oppress them, or submit them, to your will, (no matter) whether it is one, or two, or twenty-two, or two thousand and two.  Peace will not be upon the Earth, until the oppressed are set free, and the oppressor is free to see the dignity of the oppressed.  It has been history, that the oppressed rise-up to oppress the oppressor.  It is a vicious circle because, it involves revenge and retaliation.  The circle will continue, until there is one, or more than one, who is willing to extend the hand of forgiveness and peace.  Then, there shall be no oppressed, or oppressor.  There shall only be the children of God, upon Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Share, and share alike.  Love, and love alike.  Be The Light of God.  Be The Love of God.  Do not seek retaliation, or revenge.  Let be, what is to be, and you shall be, at peace, within yourself.  And, when each of you is at peace, within, with Me, then there shall be peace on Earth.