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April 21, 2019

“I AM with you.  Today I AM with you in great celebration.  I sing-out easily, hallelujah, hallelujah, it is done, it is complete.  I AM with you today.  I AM with you forever.  I AM with you through every challenge, through all types of weather, be it stormy days, or sunny days, threatening nights, or quiet nights.  I AM with you.  Know this, and you will be at peace.        


“Thousands of people waited for My coming.  Few recognized My coming, because it did not look like they thought it would be.  Hear these words and let them be a lesson to thee.  Sometimes, the greatest gift, the greatest deliverance, the greatest victory, the greatest accomplishment takes place, unfolds, in a most surprising way.  Yet, for those who will be led by their heart, for those who will go to the core of their being, and listen for answers, they will know, they will recognize, and they will be confident in the knowing.


“I came to Earth.  I was born in humble surroundings, in a place fit to keep animals; and, even in these lowly beginnings kings came, because they followed that which they knew within.  I lived a humble life.  I followed what My Heavenly Father said.  I followed the words, and the guidance, and they led Me to a place, when I reached manhood, that I would meet My Baptism in the river with the rest of those coming to John, and then rise-up, and walk into the desert, and let what needed to be done happen, as the will of God dictated the Divine Plan.  When I walked out of the desert, I began My ministry, My mission, and I followed through.  I accepted every challenge.  I took Myself aside, every day, to speak with Our Father, so I would know The Way, and be sure of where I was to go, and what I was to say.  I completed My Earth journey, hanging on a cross.  This did not appear victorious to most.  When they took Me down, and laid Me in the tomb, there were tears, there was fear, there was doubt.  But then, there was the rising-up, and celebration when one of the greatest challenges set before a man, or a woman, was accomplished.


“I rose-up, I did; and, I walked with those who loved Me, for some days, answering their questions, and telling them all they could bear to hear.  You see, My message, as I was teaching, and working in My ministry, was love, forgiveness, charity.  Many did not want to hear the message I brought, but it was the message sent from God.  It was what was needed, not what was sought.  And, when I departed, and left those I loved, they still quaked with fear, until came the sacred Dove.  The Holy Spirit of God settled upon them, and then they too knew no doubt, no fear, because The Whisper of God had found and caught their ear, and led them from within, therefore they knew from within.  They did not have to work with the words, and try to figure out what they meant, they knew what they meant from within.


“I speak these words to you today, because I would like to ask you to spend the rest of this day, going within.  What do you know from within, at the core of your being?  Sit quietly for a while, and write it down, or speak it out.  What is at the core of your being?  For there, you will find the truth, and the meaning of life.”