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April 21, 2020


      Think back to your favorite books, your favorite movies, your favorite stories told to you, and as you do this, you will recall the heroines and heroes that filled the pages of the books, the scenes of the movies, the words of the stories told.  And as you remember these heroines and heroes, you will also recall, that no matter what they encountered, no matter how dark the picture might have seemed at the time, they found the courage and the strength to overcome that which was trying to impede their progress, and they resolved all matters.  They fulfilled their destiny!  My child, those heroines, those heroes, they are you!  You are the star, of your book, the movie of your life, of the stories which will be told about you, even after you have returned Home.  See yourself that way.  This is your time, your opportunity, so seize the moment, and the opportunity, and do not let the demons of darkness dismiss your mission by pulling you down, ensnaring you in their web.  You are the heroine, you are the hero, and My hand is on your shoulder.  Let us go forth and fill the pages of your book, and the scenes of your movie, and the words of the stories to be told.  Go forth this day, My child, and be who you are.

And The Holy Spirit says: 

      Some days are filled with sunshine, and it is easy to dance and sing, as you watch the butterflies and the birds, and see the flowers of spring.  But then, there are other days that are filled clouds, sometimes even darkness and shadow; and, it is on those days that you wish to pull the covers up, over your head, not wanting to leave the comforts of bed.  No matter what type of day it is, the adventure is before you.  You are the star, rise-up and shine.  Shine in the sunny days, and shine in the darkest of days, but shine.  This is your lifetime.  You are writing the book with everything you do.  You are creating the movie, with all your actions; and, the words, which will be spoken about you, have yet to be created, in full.  So, rise-up, it is time!  Let us begin to tell the story of today.