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April 21, 2021



      Over two thousand years ago, now, it was that I sent you new direction, new guidance, in the form, of words, coming from a man, walking amongst you, Who would speak My words, as intended.  And, He did.  He said, “Love one another.”  And, the only way you can do this, upon the Earth, when there is so much strife, and tension, and hate, and turmoil, is to be still, and quiet, and with purpose, and intention, open yourself to receive, more fully, that which I send to you, completely, My Love.  When you are filled with My Love, it becomes easy to open your heart, and let My Love pour through you: to whomever is standing before you; to whomever is criticizing and assailing you; to whomever is blaming you, for all the ill that has fallen upon them.  It is easier to do, because, as you are permitting My Love to flow through, to you, to them, you are blessed, with My Love, in extra proportion.  You are filled with My Love, and My child, if you are filled with love, you can do naught, but love.  That is the goal, that is the reason, to permit yourself, to be the fountain, of My Love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Amen.  So, let it be.  Amen.