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April 22, 2021


      Day can be brilliant, bright, filled with flowers, and sunshine, and light.  Day can be stimulating, exciting, brimming with possibilities, and projects, and tasks.  Ah, but night, night is different, in its very nature.  Night can be still, and quiet, often silent.  Night can wear the sacred robe of serenity, the cherished cloak of tranquility, or the mantle of peace.  The difference between day and night is obvious, noticeable, in every way.  Yet, creation moves, as is intended, because they are, that way.  There is a time for day, and a time for night, neither time is wrong, both are right.  You can be both.  You can be as the brilliant day.  You can be as the tranquil night.  Neither is wrong, both are right.  Sometimes, night can be: brilliant, with the light of the moon; stimulating with stunning stars.  And sometimes, day can be quiet, and peaceful, with gentle rains, singing a song of tranquility.  All is right that way.  Watch, and listen, and see, for nature has a lot to say, a lot to teach you, be it night, or be it day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The power of creation is within you.  You can create day, and you can create night.  You can create a day that is as a night.  And you can create night that is as a day.  You can create, in your own unique way, using The Gifts you have been given to say, what you want to say.  See the beauty of nature all around you, and create solely for The Glory of God, for it is in that way you will create the perfect night, the perfect day.