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April 23, 2020


      I speak.  Who will hear Me?  I call-out.  Who will come?  I light The Way.  Who will follow?  The time is now.  Rise-up.  If you will hear Me, then heed the words I say.  If you will come, rise-up.  If you will follow, you will see the rising of the sun, and it will fill you with great joy to see the things that were done in the name of Love and Glory.  Rise-up, it is time.  For, if you follow you will see the things that are being done now, but to see and to know, you must listen, and hear, and follow.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not shake The Whisper from your ears.  Do not push The Words from your thought.  Embrace The Whisper and The Words, and they will lead you to the rising of the sun.