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April 23, 2021


      Each of you will encounter days, when the challenge set before you, looms over you, threatening to rob you, of even the slightest, of smiles.  Even though the challenge is great, I AM with you.  Take the first step, and follow through, because I AM there, walking with you.  No challenge will rise-up that I cannot subdue.  We will follow through, until you have done, what it is, you are to do.  With every challenge, met, and mastered, there comes confidence, and courage, and strength.  And that is what the challenges can do for you, make you stronger.  There is nothing we cannot do, for even though the challenge be great, I AM The Great I AM.  Walk with Me, take My Hand.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will be times, when that which you face, seems bigger than you can manage.  And frequently, the head hangs, the body bows, and attempt is forsaken.  It seems easier to accept defeat, rather than step into the challenge.  Every challenge that comes to you, you do not face alone.  God is walking with you, and there is no threat which God cannot subdue.