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April 24. 2019

   Let all things of worry and concern slip from you.  Release all that is
of burden to you by offering all of it to The Holy Spirit, asking that the
weight you set down might  be lifted- up to dissolve in the light, and
be resolved in the wisdom of The Holy Spirit.  Once you set down your
burdens, you shall be released from the weight of your burdens.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   I AM with you to give you counsel, to guide you, and to show you
The Way.  This direction will come from within you.  Do not look
around, seeking answers here and there.  I will: whisper to you from
within; release you from your burden; and, show you The Way.  All
that is required of you is to release your burdens unto Me, be still,
and listen.  The answers will come to you, and you will know The Way.
You will be at peace, regarding all that is troubling you today.  Be still,
release, believe.