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April 24, 2020


      When you speak to Me, while you are cutting the grass, it is as if I have received a letter, from a loved one far away.  When you think of Me, as you are planting flowers and working out in the yard, it is as if you have picked-up the phone and called Me to say, “Hello.”  When you acknowledge the great beauty and majesty in a mountain, or a sunrise, or the vast ocean, it is as if I have received a message, telling Me about your great journey afar.  But when you take yourself to a quiet place, alone, and in stillness call-out to Me, reach-out to Me, embrace Me, and we are alone, that is communion with you!  We are alone, and it is as if the door flies open, and there is your lover, standing at the threshold, just the two of you.  It is good to touch base, to connect, while you are doing something else; but do not forget that special time, when you are doing nothing but loving Me!

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Communication with family and friends, loved ones who might be afar, is much like communicating with God. It is good to do it in many ways, but always savor those moments that are set aside, just for the two of you, you and God, nothing else!  It is as if the world stands still for the song of love to echo from the communion of God and a child of Earth, a child on Earth, reaching from one dimension to the other, to say, “I love you,” “thank you,” “we are one!”