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April 25, 2021



      When all the things, that you must do, seem to be mounting-up in front of you, do not despair, do not give-up, do not hang your head, do not say you do not care.  When that mountain seems so tall, be still, before you trip and fall.  Be still.  I see, the mountain.  I hear, your prayer.  I will answer you.  Do not despair.  Together, we will begin, one at a time, and then, the mountain, you could not climb, will fall, will crumble, will be no more.  Together, we will conquer the mountain, and walk on.  But first, be still, and sit with Me; and then, you will rise-up, and you will see.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are days, when there seems to be, much more than you can handle.  And most of it, that gathering of, “much more than you can handle,” is actually a mass, and a mess, you do not want to handle, you wish someone else would handle, you find it unfair to ask you to handle.  But there it is, the mass, the mess.  When you reach that place, and most of you will, be quiet, be still; for, I hear you.  And there is a way, and we will do it, one at a time, all through the day.  And soon you look, and you can see, your way through it, even before it is done.  Do not give-up.  Do not despair.  Whatever you must face, I AM there, with you.