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April 25, 2021



      “I AM with you.  Yes, I AM here.  It was the promise.  I AM with you, all days, all nights, all ways.  And, for those, who believe this, the exchange, between us, is a conversation of love, and hope, and trust, and faith.  It is conversation of guidance, and direction, so you will know The Way.  So, do not dismay, in any way.  Do not despair.  Do not give-up.  Rise-up, I AM with you.  Let us walk into the day, together.  


      “It is true, some days are sheer delight, nothing seems to go wrong, everything is right.  The birds are singing.  The sun is shining.  The temperature is perfect, comfortable.  There is laughter and joy, and you think, ‘this is the way it should be.’  But then, there are other days, which seem to bring to you a mass of things, that you should do.  They gather-up, they pile-up, into quite a mess.  The saying is, I believe, they mount-up, more-or-less creating, a mountain of things, that just seem to press you, and distress you.  When you face such a day, and most of you will encounter such days, frequently, pause, before you begin to address the mess.  Be quiet, before you call-out in anger, before you speak harshly, before you cry of ‘unfair.’  Be still, and connect with Me.  I see what you are facing, but I see it from a different perspective.  I see, and know, that you are very capable of taking care of this mess, moving it, so that you might continue along The Way; in many cases, dismantling it, dissolving, and resolving it.  But, when it is a mountain, it seems too difficult to climb.  But, when you see one, one task at a time, it seems doable, if you are willing to do the doable.  Many times, that which needs doing goes undone, because you do not want to do it.  You feel: if you wait awhile, someone else will do it; or, if you claim it is all unfair that it has come to you, enough will hear you, and help you do it.  But I say to you, the only way to get through it, is to rise-up, and do it, one task at a time.  Soon, you will find, one task at a time, makes that mountain, you could not climb, level, flat, resolved, and dissolved, and you move on.

      “It is yours to do, if it is, in front of you.  It is that simple.  Take a deep breath, and take My hand, and we will begin, together, to do one task at a time.  There, when it is done, you feel better.  And half-way through, you will begin to see your way around it, or over it, or just walk through, what little is left, in (the) form of dust.  And you will sweep it up, as you must, and then continue along The Way. 

      “Remember, when there is something to do, (that) you do not want to do, or feel you cannot do, reach-out your hand.  Together, we will make it through.”