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April 26, 2020


      I sent you to Earth, carrying the gifts of Heaven within you.  Your mission, upon the Earth, was set in place before you arrived.  Your mission might look different from all the other missions upon the Earth, but there is one unique, core piece of each mission that is the same, to deliver a piece of Heaven to Earth, by using the gifts you carry within you.  Do not be distracted by the toys, and the baubles, and the things of Earth, of the world created by man, to the extent that you ignore the treasure you carry within, for that which you carry within is meant to be used so that those around you might know the glories of Heaven through all that you do.  Today, sit, ponder, pray about how you can use your unique gifts of Spirit to make Earth a better place, to plant seeds of Heaven all along The Way.  Do not ignore your eternal gifts.  Do not forget eternal life, while you are upon the Earth.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

      Look around you and see how all the people are dealing with the issues and the matters of the world created by man.  Everyone has a different way of handling things that come to them, during the day.  But one thing is the same, within each person, and while they might be deeply planted within, the seeds are still there.  The treasures of Heaven are within each of you.  Go within.  Dust them off.  Look at them.  Practice with them.  Enjoy the gifts you have brought to Earth, for they have eternal value, and they are worth far more than the trinkets of the world.