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April 26, 2020



      “I AM with you.  This is a great day!  This day upon the Earth will never be repeated.  It is unique in its own way, just as you are unique in your own way, and I come today to whisper, to give you strength, to give you courage, to honor your faith, and  your trust, and your belief in those things you cannot see, yet you know them to be true.  Today, I come to celebrate life with you!


       “When you are upon the Earth, living-out your temporary lifetime, you are very busy, most of the time, gathering this and that and the other, building houses, building roads, digging gardens, doing research in laboratories and in the fields, going to school and to work.  These things occupy a lot of your time.  But if you will give Me just a few moments, I would like to remind you of something.  On the day you were born, you came into the world, into the physical world, with nothing, except that which you carried within.  You were a small baby, naked, crying, ready for the adventure of a lifetime.  And, while you appeared helpless, and weak, and needy, the truth was, and is, that you carried treasures from Heaven within you, the gifts you had been given by God: gifts uniquely suited for you, and the person you would be, while you were upon the Earth; gifts to use so that you might bring Heaven to Earth, during your lifetime, as an inhabitant of Earth.  But as the months and the years passed, most of the time, the innocent, weak, and helpless baby begins to walk, and talk, and eat, and grow, and go to school and learn, and begin to know that life in the world is not easy, unless you have the ability to take care of yourself, and then possibly a family, friends, and others around you; and, sustaining your physical life and health, working to guarantee shelter, begins to take priority.  And, if you are not mindful, you forget that you have the cherished treasures of Heaven within you: building blocks on which to create a better Earth; building blocks on which to create thoughts of kindness, generosity, compassion.  All of these things are hidden from view, and often hidden in a way that you do not use them to the full advantage.  The busy life, in the world created by man, can be a distraction, and you work hard, and long.  You work with love to help those you care for, and you do a good job.  But in this process, do not forget the treasures within.  They were given, with the hope that you would use them, rather than ignore or abuse them.

       “Now, once your lifetime has reached its end, and it is time for you to return to Heaven, you leave the Earth as you arrived upon the Earth.  You do not take your clothing, your jewels, or anything you have amassed that is of the physical nature.  When you return Home, you return Home with the treasures you carry within.  And once you have passed through the veil, and you are back Home again, feeling comfortable and well, it will be time for you to give account of the treasure that was left within you so that it could be multiplied upon the Earth, and used for the glory of God.  Make sure, while you are now living upon the Earth, that you work with your gifts within, in such a way, that come the day of your recounting, you will be able to say, ‘Look.  I left Home with these gifts, and look what I did with these gifts, while I was upon Earth.  I created compassion and kindness.  I created a lot of light, and love.  And oh, look at this gift.  This gift I used to create forgiveness.’  You will be able to say such things, and all who are listening, when you return Home, will see that you multiplied your treasures, your gifts, four and five times, over and over.  And there will be great celebration, because you will have taken the gifts God had given you, and worked with them, and played with, and loved them, in such a way, that when you return on that day, you can say to God, in a most joyous way, ‘This is what I shall bring to You.  This is My offering to You.  So long ago you gave me the gift of life upon Earth, and now I return it.  Look and see what was done with the gifts You gave unto me.’

       “I leave you today with this scenario so you might begin to prepare better for your return Home.  Forget the gold, forget the silver, forget the new cars, and the big house.  Begin to feed the hungry, and clothe the naked, and give shelter to the homeless, and love those who hate you, be kind to all of creation, and love God.”