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April 26, 2021



      Be kind and compassionate to those, you encounter, who seem to be calling out for help, in the form of anger or hatred.  You can see the outer surface.  You see their face, their hair, and what they wear.  But you cannot see, what they carry, within.  You cannot see the place where the turmoil exists, the place where the tribulation hides, the place where it all begins.  But you can offer a kind word, a gentle touch, the gift of a smile.  You can walk with them for a mile, or sit with them, for a while.  Much good can be done in the world, with kindness.  And sometimes, it is the only way to say, “You are not alone.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you encounter people, who tend to be angry, belligerent, bitter, and envious, it would be good to remember this.  These energies are not born on the surface.  They do not come to life on the face, hair, or skin.  These energies are borne within, and bubble-up to the surface.  But on the surface is not where they begin.  It is not where they are carried.  It is not where they reside.  Let kindness be the gift you leave to settle into the cracks and the crevices, deep into places you have not been, as a healing balm, spread over punctures, and boils, soothing the pain and the troubles, within.


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