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April 27, 2019

   Whenever you have, or experience, unconditional love for something
you have created, especially the creation of a child, you understand,
to some measure, My unconditional love for you.  The good parent
does not desert the child who has made a mistake, or fallen short of
the goal, or done something quite serious.  The good parent says to
the child, “What have we learned in this process?  Let’s sit and pray
about it.”  If the good parent can do this, can include themselves in
the learning of a lesson, involving a child’s error, or mistake; then,
by taking it just a step further, you come to understand The Perfect
Parent is always there, encouraging you, the child, to carry forth a
lesson from every error, every mistake.  I AM with you.  I love you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   There is no mistake which cannot turn into a valuable lesson,
if you have the wisdom to see it as such.  See it as such.