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April 27, 2020


      Do not be troubled when someone you have considered a friend turns their back and walks away.  If this happens, consider this.  Possibly your light was shining so brightly that they needed to back away, because they were entertaining spirits of doom and gloom, they were grumpy, unsettled, and the light, coming from you, was disturbing these energies of shadow and darkness, to the degree that they wanted to be away from you.  If your friend walked away, and you are filled with light, then shine brightly still.  But also consider this, was it you, could you have been the one who was gloomy and down, disturbed, grumpy?  Then possibly it was your friend who was filled with light and joy and did not want to go into shadow and darkness that they found within you.  Before you do anything consider these two scenarios.  If you feel that you are filled with light, and love, and joy, and happiness, then continue, by all means, to shine, to be a beacon of light.  But if in consideration, you find that possibly you were entertaining spirits of shadow and darkness, then go to work, casting them from you.  Remove all the darkness, and there, within you, hidden under that shroud of shadow, you will resurrect the light, and when you find it, let it shine, let it beam.  And, as the light continues to grow in intensity, joy will be yours again.  No matter what others do around you, make sure you are the light.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you make the walk through the life you are living upon Earth, for a while, you will find friends and lose friends.  This is the coming and the going of people into and out of your life.  Some will come and stay, and some will stay for a while, and then walk away.  To make sure you can adjust, in balance, to the coming and the going of all things, even energies, make sure you are holding the light of God, as best you can.  Make sure that it is you, in balance, in light, walking upon the Earth.  And then, no matter what happens around you, you will have a happiness within, because you know what you are doing.  You are letting the light and the love of God shine from you, and there is nothing else better that you can ever do.