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April 27, 2021



      Whenever you feel as if a cloud is settling upon you, and the mantle around your shoulders, grows heavier, with each breath, when it seems as if you are falling into the abyss of remorse, there is a cure for that ill of Earth.  Be still, and sit with Me, and I will whisper, and you will hear Me, and the direction that comes, will be, to rise above the cloud of gloom, where you will find the sun.  No matter how fierce the storm might be, there is always the radiance and brilliance of the sun.  And if you can accept that, then your next step is to look around you.  There are others, who are in need, of what you feel you need, others lack, what you feel you lack.  So, go out and give, to another, what they need, what they lack.  In the doing of it, you will find, that you thought you needed love, you thought you lacked love.  But, if you could give love to another, it was always within you, just hidden, the venue unclear, because of the worrisome traits of the world.  Be still, and I will show you The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you feel, you are in need of love, you lack love, go out, amongst others, and be it family, friend, or foe, give a measure of love, to one you know, or do not know.  Pass the gift of love, to another.  The more you give, the more it grows, within you.  For, it was always there, it was just hidden from view, while you worried about things, of the world.  When you feel you need, or lack, anything, give, what you need, or lack, to another: compassion, companionship; even, money, clothing, food.  Whatever you lack, give away, and that will create more, because in the giving, that which you needed, increases, within you.  You are the master of your need, and your lack.  Alter the course.  Fill the coffers.